All the questions we have on Channel 5 show

The Catch continued on Channel 5 this week, and episode 2 left us with a boatful of unanswered questions.

The thrilling Jason Watkins series continued to delve deep into Ed’s dark and grief-stricken past.

Ed was still suspicious of his daughter’s boyfriend Ryan and, this week, he even hired a private investigator to help him…

But is Ryan really as guilty as he seems?

Or is Ed misinterpreting everything because he is still tortured by the tragic death of his son.

Here are 5 burning questions we have after watching The Catch episode 2.

***Warning: spoilers from episode 2 of The Catch ahead***

Jason Watkins with his hands on his hips in The Catch

Jason Watkins’ Ed continued to be harassed in episode 2 of The Catch (Credit: Channel 5)

Is Ed a murderer? What’s his secret?

Episode 2 of The Catch picked up where we left off with Ed (Jason Watkins) finding the menacing message painted across his boat.

Ed was horrified when he discovered the word “killer” scrawled on the deck, together with a photo of him and his former Navy comrades.

But is Ed really a murderer?

Although Ed is desperate to find out the truth about his daughter’s boyfriend, Ryan Wilson, it looks like Ed is hiding dark secrets of his own.

He attempted to contact his old Navy friends, hoping they could shed some light on recent events…

But one of his so-called friends did not seem happy to hear from him.

They said: “You shouldn’t be calling me. We said no contact.”

Ed then received a call from another old Navy comrade who informed him of some terrible news.

He told Ed that one of their friends, Arthur, was currently missing and the other, Des, was in a hospice with terminal cancer.

We also saw a flashback of Ed’s time in the Navy, which showed Ed and his friends enjoying themselves at a pub.

However, we caught a glimpse of a fifth friend who has not yet been mentioned…

So what is Ed hiding? Did he actually kill someone during his time in the Navy?

The Catch episode 2: Did Ryan fake his degree?

The first episode of The Catch saw an unlikely alliance forming between Ed and his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, George.

The pair became determined to find answers about Abbie’s new boyfriend.

But, although he was told by Ed to put their investigation to rest, George continued his deep dive into Ryan’s past in episode 2 of The Catch.

And he found out something shocking!

An internet search revealed that Ryan (Aneurin Barnard) had faked his own Bachelor’s degree.

George told Ed: “Look, I know you don’t want to talk to me. But, as far as I can see, there were five Ryan Wilson’s who graduated from Manchester University at the time Ryan would’ve been there.

“Not one of the Ryan Wilson’s is the one going out with Abbie.”

Refusing to hear George out, Ed claimed: “What does it matter?”

George added: “He said he was a Major right? Well if Major Ryan Wilson doesn’t have a degree, then there’s no way he could’ve been promoted that fast.”

He then created a fake degree of is own and sent it to Ed to prove how easy it is to do.

So is Ryan really who he says he is? If not, why is he lying?

Poppy Gilbert standing in a field

Poppy Gilbert standing in a field

Poppy Gilbert plays Ed’s daughter Abbie in The Catch (Credit: Channel 5)

What happened between Abbie and George?

In episode 2 of the Channel 5 series, Abbie confronted her ex-boyfriend George, after she discovered he was working with Ed to look into Ryan.

And it seemed like the pair still had a lot of unresolved tension between them.

During their conversation, Abbie brought up a “girl in a bikini” who her Dad saw George kissing while they were still dating.

However, George was quick to claim that her father had lied to her.

He claimed: “You’re wrong! He just said that so you’d break up with me.”

But Abbie wasn’t convinced, and told George that he needs to let her go.

She said: “It’s over between us, we had our time together. I’ve moved on and I think it’s time you did the same.”


So what really happened between them and does this prove Ed has a history of lying to get rid of Abbie’s boyfriend’s?

The Catch episode 2: Does Ed have a stalker?

Throughout episode 2 of The Catch, Ed was being stalked by a mystery man, who seems to know the truth about his past.

The stalker sabotaged Ed’s boat in episode 1, then threatened him with a horrible message painted in red on his deck.

In episode 2, the torment continued when Ed received a fine for quota violations.

Someone has been spying on him and is determined to make him pay!

Desperately needing answers, Ed hired a private investigator.

However, during their meeting, the fisherman was left shocked when he found another photo left on his windscreen.

This time the word “guilty” was written in red on the back.

So who is stalking Ed, and why?

Aneurin Barnard sitting in the grass in The Catch

Aneurin Barnard sitting in the grass in The Catch

Aneurin Barnard’s Ryan Wilson suspiciously cuts his own hand in episode two of the Channel 5 drama (Credit: Channel 5)

Why did Ryan cut his hand? What is he trying to hide?

The Catch episode 2 included a rather intense scene between Ryan and Ed while out on a ‘bonding’ boat trip.

During the expedition, Ed received a phone call from George with some more news about Ryan.

He insinuated that Ryan is yet again lying about his past!

But little did Ed know that Ryan was listening in on his conversation, and he looked very suspicious.

Desperate to cut the conversation short (no pun intended), Ryan purposely cut his hand with a fishing knife.

He told Ed that it was an accident, and Ed stitched him up and took him back to the dock.

But if he’s capable of lying about his hand, what else is he capable of?

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