Camryn Grimes’s Favorite Things – Soap Opera Digest

Favorite Shampoo: “Ouai.”

Favorite Jeans Brand: “Madewell jeans are awesome”

Favorite Phone App: “TikTok.”

Favorite Game: “My friends and I play a pretty specific game called Psychiatrist.”

Favorite Type Of Cuisine: “Korean.”

Favorite Sports Team: “None, I don’t watch sports.”

Favorite Breakfast Item: “Beans on toast. It’s a British thing.”

Favorite Sandwich: “The Tuna Italiano at Domingo’s Italian Deli in Encino [CA].”

Favorite Sweet Treat: “A glass of wine. That’s my dessert.”

Favorite Healthy Snack: “Instead of crackers, I use cucumber slices and top with tuna mixed with a little avocado oil and mayo.”

Favorite Hot Beverage: “Chai tea latte with oat milk.”

Favorite Cold Beverage: “Harry Potter’s Frozen Butterbeer at Universal Studios.”

Favorite Color: “Teal. Not many people know this.”

Favorite Magazine: “Bon Appétit.”

Favorite Book: “It.”

Favorite Item In Your Wardrobe: “My Prada boots that I got for $30.”

Favorite Room In Your Home: “The kitchen.”

Favorite Sitcom: “FRIENDS.”

Favorite Movie: “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Favorite TV Host: “I don’t have one.”

Favorite Comedian: “I love Nikki Glaser.”

Favorite Singer Or Band: “My Chemical Romance.”

Favorite Place To Learn Lines: “My dressing room.”

Favorite Kitchen Appliance: “My Only pan.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “Kauai.”

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