Australian music artist Lark, known for her hit singles We Love Us! and Hit The Record, is back with a new R&B-flavoured dance-pop track called Unicorn. The Sydneysider’s latest release is a dynamic fusion of contemporary R&B beats, smooth melodies, and Lark’s signature powerful vocals. With a steadily growing fanbase and a wealth of experience performing in venues ranging from blues bars and concerts to the iconic Rainbow Room on Sunset Strip, Lark is poised to make a big impact with Unicorn. Inspired by Lark’s closest friends, her daughter, and her partner, Unicorn is a tribute to those once-in-a-lifetime relationships. The song was written in just three hours and brought to life by former Australian Independent Producer of the Year (2013) Jono Fernandez. Opening with an upbeat instrumental introduction, Unicorn immerses the listener in its lively atmosphere. The track features an organic instrumental base, including soulful guitars, vocal chants, and a infectious bass and drums groove. The chorus boasts a catchy pop hook, further enhanced by layers of vocals and uplifting lyrics. Clocking in at just under three minutes, Unicorn is a quick and memorable listen that will stick in your head for days. With lyrics like ‘I gotta lotta front, cause you got my back / You’re the one and I’m hangin’ on tight like a shark attack’ and ‘Like a supercar, running fully charged / Best by far, got more points than a Starbucks card,’ Unicorn is infused with a sense of fun and an effortless feel-good attitude. Lark has spent a significant amount of time playing on the live music scene over the last several years, and with the release of Unicorn, she has finally arrived as a worldwide pop phenomenon. The track is a super fit for the dancefloor and will undoubtedly make inroads on radio and streaming services.

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