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Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi

You might not have heard his name in India but anybody in Pakistan will have an instant recall of who Hamza Ali Abbasi is.

He is a Pakistani actor who has volunteered to lead a propaganda campaign for Lashkar-e-Taiba chief and convicted terrorist leader Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.

Hamza also doubles up as the financial facilitator for Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (JuD), a United Nation’s designated terrorist organisation.

As per available reports, the above fact is confirmed by sources of both the Research and Analysis Wing (RaW) and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. Hamza is apparently under protection of the Pakistani Deep State which comprises of a few politicians, the Army and the ISI. 

The proofs against Abbasi acting as an on-the-ground courier and Public Relations consultant of Hafiz Saeed is so overwhelming that the intelligence networks have marked some of these documents as non-classified and have freely shared information about Hamza with USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which is reportedly preparing a dossier about him.

The word is out in the intelligence circles that if ever Hamza Ali Abbasi steps out of his country and manages to land in the domains of any hostile intelligence agency, then he will be immediately detained for interrogation.

It is pertinent to note that Hamza has spent considerable amount of time in the USA as a student and has frequently traveled to Europe, both on a tourist Visa and once on a business visa. He has also travelled to the UK on a tourist visa.

The intelligence networks have undeniable proof that he has acted as on-the-ground message mule, delivering messages to the terror modules both in the US and the UK on behalf of Terrorist Hafiz Sayeed. We must understand that terror modules use mule to deliver messages physically because they don’t want to leave digital footprints.

Saeed can’t move out of Pakistan because he is a UN designated terrorist. There is a bounty on his head from at least five other countries including the USA. Hence he uses people like Hamza who coordinate and organise his supporters across the globe.

The organisations Saeed has founded are Lashkar-e-Taiba (Terror Network), Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (Terror Network), Milli Muslim League (Political Party) and Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (a finance arm which funds the terror network in the garb of philanthropy).

All of the above are listed as terror organisations in Pakistan and other parts of the world. 

In India, Saeed is accused of orchestrating and organising all the major terrorist attacks in India — the 13 December 2001 terror attack on the Lok Sabha, July 11, 2006 Mumbai train bombings and the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Saeed continues to mobilise poor muslim youths urging them to take up the path of violence either directly or through his followers. Sometimes when he can’t meet his followers due to the restrictions placed on his movements, he uses message mules like Hamza to ensure a continuous stream of communication to his followers. 

Hamza Ali Abbasi with UN designated terrorist Hafiz Sayeed. This is a selfie taken by Hamza.

There is a reason why Hamza is Hafiz’s favourite mule. Hamza is a well known actor and a TV host, he remains above suspicion from the Pakistani authorities.

In Pakistan, the criminal record of Hamza is clean and obviously so.

But unfortunately, there is undeniable proof floating around in the public domain about Hamza’s close involvement with JuD.

Hamza and his deep connection with Hafeez Sayeed

People close to him and most of his fans already know that Hamza has always been drawn to radical ideas. His position regarding terrorism came to the fore as he was hosting a TV show.

His radical comments on the show soon attracted the eyes of Hafiz Saeed‘s followers who contacted him. Hamza requested them for a meeting with Hafiz professing his faith for his brand of radical ideas.

After a few months of tests and cross examination (this is the way JuD usually makes sure that he is not a mole of the Pakistani government), Hafiz Saeed agreed to meet him.

Sources say that he had three meetings with Hafiz Saeed where they both discussed a lot of things pertaining to his world views.

What attracted Hafiz Sayeed to Hamza was his way with the words (Hamza, being an actor, is a good Urdu orator) and the fact that he can frequently travel abroad to European countries with his passport.

Over the next few conversations, Hamza proposed to Hafiz Saeed that he wants to be the Public Relations (PR) Manager who would help him clean up his image of being a terrorist and establish him as somebody who is sympathetic towards Muslims.

This is exactly what Hafiz Saeed was looking for — the image of a philanthropist who patronises numerous Madrassas across Pakistan.

Finally, Hafiz agreed to do a TV interview with Hamza.

Hamza published the interview online where he said that Hafiz Saeed is a religious man and he is being targeted because he is fighting against ‘Kafirs’ in the USA and India.

He also insisted in the interview prologue that Saeed is a good man who is carrying forward the dreams of Pakistan “becoming the greatest nation of the world”.

The interview is still widely available on Youtube and DailyMotion, where it hasn’t been marked as a terror-related content due to tacit support from the Pakistani Deep State.

Here is the interview from YouTube. Look how Hamza is trying to manipulate the public image of Saeed.

This interview was recorded in February 2017. Here you will see Hamza is trying his level best to establish an image of Hafiz who is a humanitarian and somebody who hates terrorism! He also addresses Hafiz as “Sir” throughout the interview.

There are times when he is even prompting the answers. He ends the interview with the conclusion that Hafiz Saeed is not a terrorist. 

There have been several meetings between Hamza Ali Abbasi and Hafiz Saeed post this interview where apparently Hafiz asked him to act as a courier because he wanted to launch a political party of his own and contest elections. 

Hamza readily agreed and in many cases, he would hand deliver messages from Saeed to his associates, many among them battle hardened terrorists.

One month later, the Mili Muslim League was born which then registered to contest public elections in Pakistan.

The whole of 2017, Hamza spent planning Hafeez Sayeed’s PR moves and co-ordinated several interviews on different channels (some international as well).

In all the interviews, Hafiz Saeed spoke about his philanthropic activities and how he is fighting for his faith and the promotion of it.

Hamza also recorded another interview of Hafeez Sayeed that was aired on the Pakistani channel ‘Bol’.

This time he announced the interview on his Twitter page along with a selfie with Hafiz Saeed.

Below is the tweet.

Here are some other tweets praising Hafiz Saeed and trying to establish the fact that he is a Muslim leader and not terrorist. Look at the tweets below.

Here is another example about how he is trying to build up an image of Hafiz Saeed on his Twitter page. Make no mistake, this is what he preaches about the terror leader. He also gets paid to do so from the terror organisation.

After the first Twitter post of Hamza supporting Hafiz Saeed there was a huge outrage against him in Pakistan because he had exposed his terror links to the world.

Several newspapers of Pakistan (including a few Urdu dailies) spoke about his closeness with Hafiz Saeed.

The English newspapers were of course muted in its approach because of reasons best known to them and never directly said that he is a terrorist. The closest headline was from The Independent who questioned whether Abbasi is a “non-state actor”.

Hamza’s terror links were an open secret to the Pakistani media during the year 2018 but since Hamza has friends in most media houses, none of them continued with any investigation into his terror links.

How Hamza Ali Abbasi coordinates between sleeper terror cells abroad and supplies them with money

Hamza Ali Abbasi has studied in the United States as a student and he is a frequent international traveller with a very clean record.

There are no red flags against him at any of the international airports. This is what a terror network needs — a man with a clean record with no proven terror connections.

Sources say that Hamza Ali Abbasi has no acting assignments and he has lost all all his brand endorsements too.

On top of that, he doesn’t get invited into any business meetings where clean money is involved.

However, Hamza has at least three palatial bungalows (in Islamabad and Karachi) and numerous other properties.

He also leads a luxurious lifestyle (he has several super luxury cars in his garage) and remains unaffected by the fact that he has no known source of income.

As most of you know, the terror networks don’t leave any digital footprint when it comes to financing.

The money that is fed in the terror networks is the backbone of all terrorist activities.

To keep a terror network up and running because you need to constantly buy arms and ammunitions.

Maintaining the huge network of Madrassas across Pakistan also costs huge amounts of money. It is in these Pakistani Madrasas where boys in their early teens are radicalised and then transformed into suicide bombers or terrorists.

To lure poor parents to send in their kids into these Pakistani Madrassas, most of them completely sponsor the children and keep them in hostels. The children are looked after and every humble material need is fulfilled by the handlers.

There are several documentaries about these Pakistani madrassas online and you can check them.
Maintaining this network also costs a huge amount of money.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the financial liaison officer for Jaamat-Ud-Dawah (JuD) and its legitimate fronts.

Here is a selfie of Hamza with his colleagues of Mili Muslim League, a political front of Hafiz Sayed. Yes, Hamza has formally joined the party too.

Hamza’s selfie with his colleagues at the Milli Muslim League, a legitimate political front of the Jamaat Ud Dawah of terrorist Hafeez Sayeed

Since the terror network doesn’t want to leave any digital footprint, Hamza coordinates between the donors of JuD and facilitates the donation to dummy accounts from where the money is transferred to the terror networks in cash. In some cases, the money is paid to Hamza in lieu of acting and modelling assignments, all of which is fictitious.

Hamza generally keeps a cut from those monies to pay taxes and for his own personal use. He then withdraws the money in cash and gives them to the terror representatives. This cycle is repeated often. Sometimes Hamza also marks the money as donation and deposits them in the legitimate accounts of this terror outfits. 

The work that Hamza is doing for the terror network is crucial because he facilitates the international donations which accounts for almost 60% of the cash that is received by the terror networks. Most of the cash is used to buy arms and ammunitions for terrorists.

Hamza is paid handsomely for his efforts which is enough to keep up his luxurious lifestyle.

Hamza’s access to the celebrity circles because of his chat show and his status as an actor is fully utilised by the terror network.

Here is a tweet of Hamza thanking the donors after a fundraising trip. Of course, the fundraising is officially for a proposed University but Hamza uses these opportunities for raising funds for Hafeez Sayeed. At least half of the funds collected will be directed towards the terror organisation.

So, technically if Hamza Ali Abbasi is brought down, the JuD is going to suffer a body blow.

If we need to fight against terror then we need to choke the valve through which money is flowing into the terror networks.

Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is one such valve. A very big valve.

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