Rogue Echo Hammer Challenge Results — Zach Vogel and Gabby McClelland Victorious

From Jan. 20-23, 2023, the Rogue Echo Hammer Challenge took place virtually. Athletes from around the globe filmed themselves attempting to burn as many calories as possible in five minutes on an Echo bike. Scores were due on Jan. 23, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. EST and the results are in.

Zach Vogel and Gabby McClelland rose to the challenge, winning the Individual Men’s and Individual Women’s divisions, respectively. Vogel burned 163 calories, and McClelland burned 110 calories in their five-minute attempts. The rest of the results for the other four divisions are listed below:

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Rogue Echo Hammer Challenge Results

Below are the results of the five represented divisions in the competition:

Individual Male Athletes

  1. Zach Vogel — 163 calories
  2. Caleb Knoblauch — 163 calories
  3. Luke Adaline — 155 calories

Individual Female Athletes

  1. Gabby McClelland — 110 calories
  2. Morgan McGrath — 101 calories
  3. Kirsten Kline — 101 calories

Individual Male Athletes (17 & Under)

  1. Tommy Lapour — 116 calories
  2. Caleb McClure — 110 calories
  3. Hudson Thomas — 108 calories

Individual Female Athletes (17 & Under)

  1. Grace Sprenkle — 89 calories
  2. Olivia Kerstetter — 84 calories
  3. Emily Zolotarevsky — 82 calories

Top Gyms

  1. Flaming Gorge CrossFit
  2. CrossFit Queen Street
  3. Rushmore CrossFit

McClelland is a master on an Echo bike. Not only was she better than the next closest competitors by nine calories in this contest, but she also won the 2022 Rogue Echo Bike Challenge for burning 50 calories in the fastest time. Adeline also podiumed that contest, running back the bronze in both events.

Similarly, Sprenkle seems unbeatable in Echo Bike events. She, too, won the 2022 Rogue Echo Bike Challenge, burning 50 calories 12 seconds faster than Kerstetter, who was the runner-up then as well. Rushmore CrossFit continues its string of representation in the Rogue challenges, landing on the podium again.

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Featured image: @gabbymcc123 on Instagram

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