The 8 Best Power Racks (2023 Update)

With access to a power rack whenever you want it, there are few muscle groups, modalities, or disciplines you can’t train. In regards to fitness equipment, a power rack may be one of the biggest investments you make, and we think the cost is totally worth it. Power racks allow you to do all variations of squat and depending on your ceiling height, all press variations, too. There are a multitude of attachments — including cable pulleys, landmines, jammer arms, dip bars, band pegs, and lat pulldowns — you can use to customize your power rack to be as diverse as your lifting needs are.

Power racks can vary in form with different steel thickness, upright sizing, and weight capacity. They can also vary widely in price from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. We’ve scoured the market to find the very best power racks that will help you improve all your lifts, from your deadlifts to heavy rows, and more. There are so many seemingly similar options on the market, so we’ve narrowed down what we think are the best power racks for value, small spaces, home gyms, and other specific needs. With a little guidance and organization, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect centerpiece for your gym on this list.

Best Power Racks

Best Power Rack Overall

The best power rack has to be versatile and able to accommodate a variety of training styles, sturdy with construction from high quality steel, and reasonably priced. A great power rack should be able to grow with you along your strength and fitness journey. That’s why we like the Force USA MyRack Power Rack. It meets and sometimes exceeds our expectations for the best power rack overall.

Force USA MyRack Power Rack

The Force USA MyRack is a solid power rack at a reasonable price that looks and feels as at home in a garage gym as it is in a commercial one. You can choose between black, red, or blue painted onto laser-cut 12-gauge steel to match your color scheme. Want more versatility? No problem — Force USA has a ton of attachments, like a cable crossover, lat pulldown, landmine, monolift, and more that you can add on thanks to the modular design. The company is confident that the MyRack will stand the test of time thanks to its robotic precision welds and 2,000-pound weight rating — they even offer a lifetime warranty.

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

This power rack is sturdy, can support 2,000 pounds, and can hold various accessories such as band pegs and dip bars. You can also add a cable pulley system and lat pulldown machine to really get the most out of your gym. 

 Starting out at around $399.99 before taxes and possible shipping charges, this rack is competitively priced to leave you more money left over for attachments and add-ons to customize your MyRack and truly make it your own. No matter if you do bodybuilding, powerlifting, or something else, this rack can accommodate it. The sturdy cage allows you to do back squats, front squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, bench presses, and heavy rows all in the safety of a power rack. 

Who Should Buy the Force USA MyRack Power Rack

  • Buyers who want a high quality power rack made with laser cut steel. This rack features robotic precision welds and laser cut steel for the most precise machining available.
  • Athletes who want a modular rack that can be expanded when needed for more training options. There are over 20 attachments available for this rack.
  • Lifters looking for a rack with a lifetime warranty. Force USA stands behind this product with a limited lifetime warranty.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA MyRack Power Rack

  • Consumers who want a rack that includes everything they need, so they don’t have to think about expansion attachments.
  • Folks who need a rack that has a smaller footprint may want to look at our pick for best rack for small spaces.
  • Particularly tall athletes may find the 87-inch height too short for them to do proper pull-ups, and may want to opt for a taller rack. Some on the market are over 90 inches tall.

Strong, affordable, and well designed, this rack does it all. With over 20 attachments and a durable 12-gauge steel build, this rack can meet virtually all of your lifting needs for years to come. The friendly starting price means you can pick this rack up, and add on to it right away or over time if you’re on a budget. Force USA made the MyRack versatile enough to satisfy practically any lifter.

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Best Power Rack (Runner Up)

It’s very difficult to pick the best power rack because there are so many great options on the market, so we chose to do a runner-up option, as well. This rack isn’t necessarily of less quality than the top overall pick, it’s just different and excels in different ways. Meet the REP PR-4000 Power Rack.

REP PR-4000 Power Rack

The REP PR-4000 Power Rack is a beast of a power rack made from heavy-duty, 3×3 inch, 11-gauge steel. It can hold 1,000 pounds and features Westside spacing through the bench zone for the perfect height no matter your arm length. You can get the PR-4000 in either an 80-inch or 93-inch height, depending on your ceiling space. Multiple rack depth options are available as well, such as 24, 30, or 41 inches deep to accommodate nearly any depth preference or space availability.

REP PR-4000 Power Rack

REP PR-4000 Power RackREP PR-4000 Power Rack

This rack is made of 11-gauge steel, and comes at either 80” or 93” tall, and 24”, 30” or 41” deep. While it may be larger than other power racks, it also offers more attachment options, including those for dips, bands, leg rollers, and more.

You can use a host of attachments on this rack with the 5/8-inch hole size, such as REP’s Ares cable attachment system, lat pulldown, dip bar, landmine, ISO arms, belt squat, and more — there are 36 compatible attachments in total just from REP Fitness. If you like color coordinating, the PR-4000 has got you covered with eight colors to choose from. In the cheapest configuration, this rack will run you around $800 before taxes and possible shipping charges, but add-ons and attachments can make the price soar. Start off small or go all out — either way, the possibilities for this rack are practically endless.

Who Should Buy the REP PR-4000 Power Rack

  • Anyone who’s looking for a highly customizable rack with lots of potential for attachments will love the REP ecosystem of attachments available for this rack.
  • Trainees who want a heavy-duty rack that they won’t have to worry about the weight capacity of will appreciate the 1,000-pound capacity of the PR-4000.
  • Folks who want a rack that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the REP PR-4000 Power Rack

  • Anyone who needs a rack that they can move around and rearrange easily. You don’t need to bolt this one down, but it is quite heavy thanks to the sturdy construction.
  • Customers who have a smaller budget — this pick is more expensive than other racks.
  • Athletes who are limited on space. The smaller versions of this rack may still be too large for someone with very limited room.

For anyone who’s looking for a heavy-duty power rack to be the centerpiece of their gym where you can do pretty much anything — the PR-4000 is a great choice. There are so many attachment options, and the 11-gauge steel is built to stand up to anything you can muster. Whether you’re a world class powerlifter or someone who wants a high quality rack that can grow with you, the REP PR-4000 has your back.

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Best Power Rack for the Money

Though power racks are considered a gym staple, they can also be quite pricey. Fortunately, as the market has expanded, more high-quality and budget options have become available. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck with a power rack that is customizable but doesn’t break the bank, take a look at our pick for best power rack for the money, the Force USA MyRack.

Force USA MyRack Power Rack

Despite the reasonable starting price of around $399.99 before possible taxes and shipping costs, this rack doesn’t skip on the quality or features. The Force USA MyRack is built to be modular with plenty of attachments available for whatever type of lifting you prefer to do — there are over 20 attachments in total. This rack features a huge 2,000-pound weight rating thanks to sturdy 2.4-inch, 12-gauge square steel uprights, so it can handle whatever weight you’re going to be putting on it. 

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Force USA MyRack Modular Power RackForce USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

This power rack is sturdy, can support 2,000 pounds, and can hold various accessories such as band pegs and dip bars. You can also add a cable pulley system and lat pulldown machine to really get the most out of your gym. 

Customize away by adding a cable crossover, lat pulldown, monolift, band pegs, and more. If you’re tight on money, you can always add the attachments over time — they make a great reward for hitting a new personal best or staying consistent for an amount of time. The lifetime structural warranty allows you to rest assured you’ll be covered should something not work the way it’s supposed to.  You’ll find this rack is good for limited space as well, as it’s 87 inches tall by 47 inches wide with an interior depth of 29 inches. Some people may find the rack depth lacking at only 29 inches, but it’s a positive if you’re short on space.

Who Should Buy the Force USA MyRack Power Rack

  • Buyers who are on a tighter budget but still need a high-quality and sturdy power rack.
  • Lifters who aren’t sure about what attachments they want. You can add a ton of variety with the different attachments over time here rather than all at once.
  • Consumers who have less room will like the more space-friendly dimensions of 87 inches tall, 47 inches wide, and 29 inches deep.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA MyRack Power Rack

  • Trainees who want a lot of plate storage. You can get plate storage, but it’s more limited than other options on this list.
  • Lifters looking for a rack that’s compatible with other brands may want to go with another option because the 2.4-inch uprights are only compatible with other MyRack accessories.
  • Athletes who prefer a wider range of color choices may be disappointed with only black, red, and blue.

Not everyone has the money for a fully decked out rack. The modular nature of the MyRack allows you to add over time from an assortment of over 20 different attachments. The friendly introductory price will allow you to get a high-quality rack and start lifting — you can worry about the other stuff later. If you’re looking for a lot of return on your investment, this rack from Force USA just might be the ticket for you.

Best Power Rack for Small Spaces

Having a garage gym or basement gym is awesome, but so is actually being able to park in your garage and store stuff in your basement. If you’re like the rest of us and only have a giant area for all your gym equipment in your dreams, then you’ll want to take a look at our pick for best power rack for small spaces — the Rogue RML 390-BT Rack.

Rogue RML-390BT Rack

With a 34-inch by 53-inch footprint, this rack consumes only half the space of a normal power rack. Though smaller, Rogue didn’t sacrifice quality here — you still get a really robust rack made from 11-gauge steel and secured with 0.625-inch hardware. The BT part of the name stands for “bolt-together” since this is the version of the RML-3 that bolts together for easy transport and storage if needed. Functionality is undiminished though — you still get a couple of pull-up bars, pin pipe safeties, and band pegs for adding resistance should you wish.

Rogue RML-390BT Rack

Rogue RML-390BT RackRogue RML-390BT Rack

For those who don’t have a large space to train, the Rogue RML-390BT Rack is a great option — this pick is both compact and highly functional.

This rack is quite tall despite its smaller footprint, like a skinny Sasquatch. You’ll need just over 90 inches of height to stand this rack up in your space. Don’t let the small size fool you though, this rack is hefty, weighing 265 pounds fully constructed, so it feels solid when you’re using it too.

Who Should Buy the Rogue RML-390BT Rack

  • Customers who need a power rack that takes up minimal floor space will appreciate the smaller dimensions of this rack.
  • Gym owners looking to increase the total number of racks in their facility who may need compact dimensions. You can line these up and still have tons of floor space.
  • Lifters who need a smaller rack, but don’t want to sacrifice security. The 11-gauge, 3×3-inch steel is as solid as it gets.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue RML-390BT Rack

  • Buyers who have lower ceilings — the RML-390BT is 90 inches tall.
  • Athletes who prefer to have a larger rack with greater versatility may want to look for a rack with more depth and attachment availability.
  • Folks with a smaller budget — this rack isn’t the cheapest option on the market, though it is very well-made. 

The RML-390BT from Rogue is an ideal choice for lifters who want a high-quality rack but can’t sacrifice the extra space for a full-sized option. Rogue managed to pack a lot of solid features into this rack and still keep a compact package with pin pipe safeties, band pegs, and Westside spacing. You know you’re going to get a top-tier product from Rogue, and if you have the extra cash to spend, this rack is a great choice for small spaces.

Best Power Rack with Attachments

If you’re just starting out, you may not know what type of lifting you’ll enjoy doing the best. It’s also likely you may want to buy every attachment because they all look so cool and fun — or maybe that’s just us. Oftentimes, it’s best to start small and grow your rack and attachment assortment as your training and needs progress. This pick has a plethora of attachments available that you can pick up over time. Let us introduce the Force USA MyRack Power Rack. 

Force USA MyRack Power Rack

When it comes to customization, this rack does it better than nearly any other option on the market. You have the choice of four different chin-up bars, multiple cable attachments, landmine, and many other pieces of more specialized equipment. This rack also boasts a 2,000-pound weight capacity thanks to the durable 2.4-inch, 12-gauge steel. In addition, Force USA offers a lifetime structural warranty for peace of mind. 

Force USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

Force USA MyRack Modular Power RackForce USA MyRack Modular Power Rack

This power rack is sturdy, can support 2,000 pounds, and can hold various accessories such as band pegs and dip bars. You can also add a cable pulley system and lat pulldown machine to really get the most out of your gym. 

Though the Force USA MyRack isn’t a full size power rack, it does feel like one — it’s a lot of power rack for the money. The rack itself starts at around $399.99 before taxes and possible shipping charges, which leaves you with some extra money to pick out your favorite attachments (when compared to other racks). 

Who Should Buy the Force USA MyRack Power Rack

  • Lifters who need a rack that can be expanded to encompass almost every training modality.
  • Trainees who have lower ceilings and need a shorter power rack.
  • Customers who want a rack that comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA MyRack Power Rack

  • Anyone who prefers a full size power rack for more space when lifting.
  • Lifters who want a power rack that’s compatible with other brands’ attachments. The 2.4-inch uprights mean the MyRack only works with Force USA attachments.

The MyRack is expandable to suit nearly anyone’s needs and is an excellent option for lifters who want to expand their lifting capabilities to styles outside of the big three exercises and explore new strength training territory.

Best Power Rack for Building A Home Gym

So you want to build a home gym? The centerpiece, and generally the largest purchase you’ll make, will be that of a power rack. They can be quite pricey, but the versatility and value they offer is second to none. The right power rack for your home gym should be sturdy, versatile, and able to grow with you. The PR-5000 from REP Fitness does all of that and more, making it our pick for best power rack for building a home gym.

REP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack

REP designed the PR-5000 to be their most versatile and heavy-duty power rack system. The PR-5000 gives you nearly limitless attachment setups, which work just as well for a home gym as they do a professional athletic facility or commercial gym. If you want to save space, you can choose the 30-inch depth option. Need more room? Opt for the 41-inch depth. You can also get different heights to accommodate lower ceilings with 80-inch and 93-inch heights. If you’ve got a color scheme going, there are eight color options available.

REP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack

REP Fitness PR-5000 Power RackREP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack

The REP PR-5000 Power Rack is meant to be the centerpiece of any gym with a total of 49 attachments available for unrivaled versatility. This rack can support even the strongest lifters with a rackable capacity of 1,000 pounds thanks to 3×3 inch, 11-gauge heavy-duty steel construction. This is a rack that can you can grow into and have grow with you too.

No need to worry about it lasting either, as REP backs this rack up with a lifetime warranty. REP made the PR-5000 durable enough for even the strongest lifters with a 1,000-pound rackable capacity made possible by 3×3 inch, 11-gauge steel. The compatibility of this power rack is made even better thanks to the one-inch pin holes — a common size used by many manufacturers.

Who Should Buy the REP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack

  • People who want a power rack that can grow with them and adapt to their changing training needs and interests will appreciate the versatility of the PR-5000.
  • Anyone looking for a durable power rack. This one comes with a lifetime warranty, and is made from 11-gauge steel.
  • Lifters who want to customize the attachments and color of their power rack. There are eight color options available and tons of attachments — 49 in total.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the REP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack

  • Those who are limited on space may want to look for a more space-saving design on this list.
  • Customers looking for a cost-effective power rack. This rack is top-tier, but you’ll have to pay top dollar for it with the cheapest configuration costing over $1,000.
  • Athletes who already have a lot of attachments and equipment for their home gym. You may want to get a more basic rack.

Though the PR-5000 is more expensive than many other options on the market, the versatility is nearly unmatched, the construction is high-quality, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better rack at a lower price. Functionality and durability are the names of the game with home gyms, and this rack can deliver on both fronts.

Best Foldable Power Rack

Folding racks come in a variety of ingenious designs, and their popularity has caused many more companies to manufacture folding options. The purpose of a folding power rack is to enable many people to install a rack even in tight quarters. Our pick for best foldable power rack features a unique design that sees it shining over the competition. This pick is ideal for anyone who wants their rack to take up less space when it’s not in use.

Force USA MyRack Power Rack 

This power rack from MyForce features an innovative design made possible by their “pop-in” technology. This “pop-in” technology allows for a shorter setup time than comparable folding racks. There are over 50 different configurations you can make with this versatile power rack thanks to a plethora of attachments. Choose between three different safety arms, three types of J-hooks, dip attachments, landmines, band pegs, and more. A 2,000-pound weight rating and lifetime structural warranty are made possible by heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel that can stand up to nearly anything you throw at it.

Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack

Force USA MyRack Folding Power RackForce USA MyRack Folding Power Rack

Power racks are the centerpiece of any home gym, and this model proves to be one of the best on the market. It’s foldable, durable, and can be equipped with many add-ons.

The Force USA MyRack has accessory holes that are five-eighths of an inch in size, which is fairly common, but the uprights are 2.4 inches, meaning that this power rack has limited compatibility with other brands’ products. Force USA recommends that your ceiling be at least 96 inches tall if you want to do full pull-ups. The footprint of this rack is 49 inches wide by 41 inches deep with a height of 86 inches when unfolded. When folded, the dimensions decrease to 52 inches wide by 20 inches deep and 84 inches tall.

Who Should Buy Force USA Folding Power Rack

  • Anyone who needs to save space on a power rack, but still wants the security of a four-post rack. 
  • Consumers who like to shop all in one place for convenience. Force USA has a variety of attachments available for this power rack.
  • People who want a rack that can hold a lot of weight. Despite folding, this rack can support 2,000 pounds.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Force USA Folding Power Rack

  • Anyone who likes to use a variety of brands for their equipment. The uncommon sizing used for the uprights here makes almost all other brands incompatible with this power rack.
  • Lifters who need to save as much space as possible. Even though this rack folds, it still comes out two feet from the wall when folded. 
  • Anyone looking for a simple folding rack without any bells or whistles may want to look at more basic options.

Force USA’s “pop-in” technology allows lifters to quickly set up their rack and get lifting in seconds rather than minutes. The modular design allows for greater versatility than most other folding racks on the market with a variety of attachments. The 12-gauge steel and included multi-grip chin-up bar make this rack a solid deal.

Best Power Rack with Cable Machine

Power racks are extremely versatile pieces of equipment and central to nearly any gym. For those who seek even more versatility or prefer to do more isolation work, a power rack with cables might be what you’re looking for. A power rack with a cable machine is also a good choice for those who employ a bodybuilding style of training. Some power racks with cable machines stand out above the rest, and that’s the case for our pick in this category — the Force USA X20 Pro Full Rack.

Force USA X 20 Pro Full Rack 

This piece of equipment may be a power rack in name, but it’s a complete gym solution all in one, featuring a power rack, functional trainer, low row, and even more with optional upgrades. If you can get past the price point of around $4,500 before taxes, possible shipping charges, and optional upgrades, you’ll receive practically everything you need for a gym in one piece of equipment. To help with the price, Force USA offers available financing options depending on credit. If you’re short on space and don’t have room for 20 different machines, this will cover you with a footprint of just 70 inches wide, 87 inches deep, and 92 inches tall.

The X20 Pro comes with a solid weight rating of 992 pounds thanks to heavy-duty, 3×3 inch, 11-gauge steel and cables tested to 2,000 pounds. The pulleys, which are attached to 289-pound weight stacks, have a 2:1 ratio so for every two pounds loaded you get one pound of resistance. Assembly can be daunting but don’t worry, you can have it professionally assembled for an extra charge.  There are 17 included attachments like band pegs, safety tubes, multi-grip chin-up bar, landmine, low row, and more. You can add on additional packages like jammer arms, lat pulldown, or dip handles, too. The possibilities are almost endless with this incredibly versatile entire gym solution from Force USA.

Force USA X20 Pro Full Rack

Force USA X20 Pro Full RackForce USA X20 Pro Full Rack

The Force USA X20 Pro Full Rack combines a power rack, functional trainer, low row, and more to give you a complete gym solution in one sturdy piece of dynamic equipment. With 17 included attachments and option upgrade kits, the versatility is practically unmatched. 

Who Should Buy Force USA X 20 Pro Full Rack

  • Anyone who wants the most versatile piece of equipment possible, regardless of the price.
  • Consumers who like to shop all in one place for convenience. Force USA has a variety of attachments available for this power rack on top of the myriad of included ones.
  • People who want a well-built rack. This can support 992 pounds, and the cables are tested to 2,000 pounds.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Force USA X 20 Pro Full Rack

  • Anyone who is on a tighter budget. This rack is top-tier, but you’re going to pay some serious cash for it.
  • Lifters who just want a basic power rack that they can add on to as they go may want to look at other options on this list. 
  • Anyone who wants a wider cable distance for more of a cable crossover feel. The pulleys are only 48 inches apart making it harder for those with longer arms to do crossover type movements.

Force USA’s X20 Pro is about as versatile a rack as you can get thanks to the plethora of add-ons and attachments. As long as you’ve got the cash for this power rack, you’ll get an entire gym’s worth of equipment in one convenient and space-saving design. Force USA says there are over 400 exercise possibilities even before adding on any upgrades, so if you’re looking for the ultimate power rack with cables, we think this is it.

Read our full review of the Force USA X20 Pro Full Rack.

Benefits of Power Racks

There are good reasons that nearly every gym has at least one high quality power rack in it. They offer increased safety when lifting thanks to the safety pins, they’re highly customizable, and you can accomplish an entire full-body workout with just a power rack and barbell, easily making them extremely versatile. They may be expensive, but their utility is second to none.

Safer Lifting

Power racks are constructed from thick high-quality steel that can withstand very heavy weights — usually around 1,000 pounds, though the actual weight capacity can vary. They also usually come with safety spotter arms, sometimes called spotter pins. These are there in case you need to bail on a lift, and they can save you in an emergency. Though they’re not a replacement for a real spotter, they can be useful for an added layer of security since no one is perfect. 


Power racks are arguably the most customizable piece of gym equipment with endless add-ons, upgrade kits, DIY hacks, and more available to make the rack work for your needs. It’s important to make sure you know the hardware size that your rack uses so that you can match your accessories to it. Some racks use uncommon proprietary sizing, though many use common sizing such as 3/8-inch, which has accessories and add-ons abundantly available.

Person wearing a blue t-shirt and grey shorts placing their traps under a loaded barbell set in a power rackPerson wearing a blue t-shirt and grey shorts placing their traps under a loaded barbell set in a power rack
Image via Shutterstock / Dusan Petkovic

Some of the most common upgrades are different J-hooks, a lat pulldown, jammer or trolley arms, band pegs, an upgraded pull-up bar, bar holders, and weight plate storage. The options really are only limited by your space and imagination.

Full-Body Workouts

Armed with only a power rack and a barbell with some weight plates, you can perform an entire workout that works all of your major muscle groups. For example, you can perform squats, shoulder presses, inverted rows, dips if you have two barbells or a dip bar attachment, floor presses or bench presses with a weight bench, and even calf raises to work on those flamingo legs. There are even entire workouts dedicated to power rack only movements to help you achieve the most with this one piece of equipment.

How We Chose the Best Power Racks

We always want to make sure we are giving out the best information, and when it comes to these power racks, we’ve done our research. The best power racks have to have great versatility, come at a reasonable price for what they offer, and be durable enough to stand up to daily use. Read on to see a breakdown of how we decided on the best power racks.


There is a wide range of prices for the different racks on this list, but we did leave out a few expensive and inexpensive options. There is a certain price floor below which the quality is inevitably going to suffer. And on the other side, the more expensive racks are going to be great when it comes to functionality, but they tend to be out of the price range most buyers are looking to spend. We chose power racks with the highest quality while still including varying price points — from around $350 to $1,300 — for buyers to choose from.


The more exercises you can perform with a rack, the more useful the rack is going to be to you. We selected racks that can accommodate a solid number of exercises regardless of their size to ensure you are getting the most out of your purchase. While some are inevitably more flexible than others and some may require you to purchase additional accessories, every option on this list can help you exercise a wide range of movements.

Female In Power RackFemale In Power Rack
Image via Shutterstock/ MDV Edwards

As for accessories, all of these racks have at least three or four different expansion options and several racks have upwards of 20. We wanted to ensure customers would have the option to gradually grow their equipment as it suits them without requiring a huge upfront payment.


If you are spending a large sum of money on a piece of fitness equipment, you want to make sure it will last. We did not include any options on this list that won’t last at least five years, with good care. On top of the financial reasoning for wanting a durable rack, safety is also of concern. If you don’t have a sturdy enough rack, your safety is at risk during heavier lifts. After all, most people buy power racks to have a safe place to squat or press, so we’ve made sure all of the products on this list are up to those standards. 

How Much Do Power Racks Cost?

Power racks lay claim to perhaps the widest price variability of any gym equipment. They can range in price from $400 for a very basic rack to $5,000 and beyond. Even if two people purchase the same base rack, their total cost can range widely depending on what add-ons, upgrades, and accessories they choose to purchase. For the price table, we listed the starting price, which is the cheapest you can pay for each rack before you start accessorizing.

Best Power Rack Overall Force USA MyRack Power Rack Starting at $499.99 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Power Rack (Runner Up) REP PR-4000 Power Rack Starting at $799.94 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Power Rack for the Money Force USA MyRack Power Rack Starting at $499.99 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Power Rack for Small Spaces Rogue RML-390BT Rack Starting at $970 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Power Rack with Attachments Force USA MyRack Power Rack Starting at $499.99 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Power Rack for Building A Home Gym REP PR-5000 Power Rack Starting at $929.93 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Foldable Power Rack Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack Starting at $699.99 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories
Best Power Rack with Cable Machine Force USA X20 Pro Full Rack Starting at $4,499.99 before add-ons, upgrades, and accessories

The racks on this list are all made from high quality steel and able to support a high weight capacity. There may be some cheaper options on the market, but we made sure to choose not only top-notch racks in terms of build quality, but add-on capabilities as well. Being garage and home gym owners ourselves, we know it’s likely you’ll inevitably want to add some more bells and whistles to your power rack, and these options allow for that. The prices on this list range from around $500 at the most cost-effective to $4,500 at the most expensive. On average you can expect to pay around $1,000 before major upgrades for a power rack though.

What to Consider Before Buying a Power Rack

Since power racks can be one of the biggest investments you make for your gym space, you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered your needs from every angle before choosing one. Think about how you currently train or want to train and go from there. That will give you a good starting point to look at other considerations, like how much space you have available for a power rack and how much you can spend on one.

After you figure those out, think about what attachments or add-ons you’ll want and need, as well as if you want them right away or if you want to add on over time. Keep reading to learn more about each point to consider before investing in your own power rack.

Your Training Needs

Do you train Olympic weightlifting, strongman, or for something else altogether? What sort of training level have you reached? Beginners are going to want a simple power rack that has the attachment capability to expand as they progress. More advanced lifters may want something that’s already completely decked out or a rack that caters to their particular strength sport. 

Male In Power RackMale In Power Rack
Image via Shutterstock/ Sergey Chumakov

Different training needs are going to require different types of power racks. Before you snag the cheapest option or the rack that takes up the least amount of space, make sure the rack you are choosing is actually going to help you reach your personal goals.

Your Budget

With all the attachments, custom design options, and more, you really can spend a great sum of money building out your rack. Some people may have budget limitations, however, so it’s important to consider how much a rack is going to cost you, not just on its own, but with all of the attachments you want to purchase separately as well.

For some, this may mean buying the rack and then waiting to buy extensions to space out the spending, while others may just want to knock it out in one go. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you’ve wrapped your mind around what your budget can get you before you add to cart.

Available Space

It’s important to take into account all three dimensions here — length, width, and height can be limiting (or expanding) factors when it comes to power racks. The last thing you want to do is buy a rack that fits your length and width requirements only to bring it home and have it not fit the height of the room you’re putting it in. 

Male In Power Rack Facing AwayMale In Power Rack Facing Away
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Make sure you measure out the entire area you want to use and take the rack’s storage into account, as well. Many racks come with plate storage that can add to the base dimensions, so make sure you’re tacking on some extra inches if you wish to utilize that feature. 

Optional Attachments or Extensions

Modern power racks have just about every attachment available to add to your frame. You can get cable machines, monolifts, and even boxing speed bags. Make sure to do extra research before you buy to check that your rack is compatible with the attachments that you need or want for your future training. 

Movable or Fixed

Fixed racks will obviously be more stable, but may require you to drill into the floor to insert bolts. Movable racks have more flexibility, but the trade-off is less stability. With larger racks, you need not consider this since they weigh a lot and have a heavy base of support, but for smaller racks, you’ll have to decide if you want to drill holes into your floors or not.


Some of these racks can weigh close to 350 pounds. If you’re installing your rack on the ground floor of your home, this isn’t as much of a concern, but if you’re going to the second floor or above, these racks can be difficult to maneuver. Make sure you have the help and ability to move a heavy power rack through your home before you buy — if it seems too daunting, opt for a lighter rack. 

Ease of Assembly 

All of these racks will require assembly. While that may be off-putting for some, none of them are particularly complicated. We tend to find that the difficulty comes when securing the last piece while the rest of the structure is already rigidly secured. Though not complicated, it can be tiring to do by yourself, so make sure you have some help or opt for a rack with fewer parts to assemble. Generally speaking, the more pieces the rack has, the longer it will all take to put together. 

Final Word

As far as investments in fitness equipment go, a power rack is a gym staple. If treated well and cleaned properly, these beasts can last a lifetime, and provide you with a safe spot to perform most of your lifts. The key to choosing the proper rack is to be clear on where you’re putting your rack, how much space you have available, and what training you’ll be performing most. 

As we mentioned before, your budget will also be a large factor — perhaps the largest aside from space constraints for most people. Once you have these variables mapped out, this list can be your guide. Narrow in on the racks here that suit you best, and after that, you can get to training hard and start feeling the power rack gains roll in.


How many different exercises can be performed with a power rack?

That is going to depend on which rack you buy, but even with a basic rack you have huge versatility. With just the different variations on squats and presses alone, you can easily surpass fifty options. And that’s without anything but a barbell and the rack. Once you add attachments for pull-ups, cable work, and more, you can up that number even further.

What is the best power rack?

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the best power rack. It can be helpful to assess your budget, needs, and space constraints before making a decision. We think the best power rack for the majority of people is the Force USA MyRack Power Rack. It’s cost-effective, has a ton of add-on and upgrade potential to grow and adapt to your needs, and is super sturdy.

How much do power racks cost?

This is a tough one to nail down exactly since there are numerous variables that affect the price of a power rack. Two people can purchase the same rack, but select different specs and accessories and pay wildly different prices.

On average, the racks on this list range from around $500 to $4,500 base price. For a well-appointed power rack and a handful of accessories, you can expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,500, though there are cheaper and more expensive options.

Why should I buy a power rack?

Aside from the fact that they are very versatile pieces of equipment, they also provide safety for your training. Power racks allow you to train a variety of movements safely on your own that may otherwise have the potential to be dangerous. For example, with adjustable spotting arms, bench pressing is no longer an exercise that might be life threatening. This added security is great for confidence when lifting.

What should I get if I don’t have enough space for a power rack?

We’d maintain that a folding rack should fit in most places, but if you don’t have space for even that, we’d consider squat stands. We covered some good options in our best squat racks article, but you could even make one yourself if you prefer. Squat stands are less versatile and not quite as stable, but they will take up a lot less space.

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