Michelle Yeoh Shares a Young Memory of her Mother Accidentally Holding Hands With her Date at a Chaperoned Outing When She was 17 Years Old

Michelle Yeoh claimed that her mother once approached her date inadvertently.

Yeoh, 60, recounted the incident when talking about her connection with her mother on Friday’s broadcast of “The Graham Norton Show.”

And at what age did she insist on meeting you for a date? The “Everything Everywhere All At Once” actor was asked a question, which prompted her to tell a story.

You have to keep in mind that mothers are very protective for all the right reasons, Yeoh added. “She regularly went out on dates. Until I moved to England to pursue my studies. I’m not sure why Mom allowed me to travel to England.”

Yeoh claimed that when she was a teenager, her mother frequently accompanied her on dates, with Yeoh occasionally seated between her and her date. Yeoh claimed there was a mistaken combination when she was 17 years old.

Yeoh said, crossing her arms, “Once I was sitting like this. And I thought, “Why are there two hands on my leg? ”

Yeoh clarified, “It was his hand on my mom’s hand.

Yeoh claimed in the same interview that her mother once secretly registered her for the Miss Malaysia pageant and encouraged her to perform on stage more frequently.

“I did it to silence her. We made a bargain because she wouldn’t stop complaining about it. You won’t act in this manner once more if I do this, “said Yeoh.

Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh won the contest that year, according to Norton.

Yeoh gained notoriety in January when she took home the Golden Globe for best actress in a motion picture, musical, or comedy.

Before I arrived, it was a dream come true, said Yeoh. “Why? Consider this face. When I arrived, I was informed that I was a minority, and I responded, “No, that’s not possible.” I then heard someone say, “You speak English,” to me. Remember that they needed more knowledge of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Asia, and India. I responded, “Yeah, the flight here took about 13 hours.” So I gained knowledge through time.”

Yeoh made history by being the first Asian to be nominated for best actress in “Everything Everywhere All At Once” in the same month.

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