OH-KAY! Latto Says Her Mystery Bae Covers ALL Her Bills

Latto gave her mystery man a lil’ shoutout during a recent interview, and she dished on some of the different ways that he spoils her!

Latto Says Her Bae Is ‘Coming Right’

She shared her comments during a sit-down on Hot 107.9, and Latto acknowledged some of the different ways that her mystery man provides for her.

“I got the ‘Vette, I got the Lambs, I go the Birkins.”

Latto went on to add, “I don’t pay no bills,” leaving her the opportunity to stack her bread and do her own thang.

She also acknowledged, “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Latto Has Spoken On Her Mystery Man For Quite Some Time

While on the subject of Latto’s loaded mystery man, we should point out that this certainly isn’t the first time that the “Big Energy” rapper has dished on him.

Back in March 2022, she shared a screenshot that showed off some supportive texts he sent. One of these messages showed her beau proclaiming, “Everything falling in place for you.”

Within her caption, Latto pointed out, “My man got me crying in the hookah bar y’all.” Humorously, she also included a photo to provide proof.

However, one internet critic proceeded to say that this was the “bare minimum.” In response, Latto proceeded to list off some the lavish gifts she’s received from her beau—including a Lambo, pink Corvette, and pink Richard Mille. Additionally, she warmly shared, “It’s his emotional support that do it for me.” IKTR!

Around the same time, she further spoke on her relationship during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, noting that they had been together for 2 years at that point.

“I got a man. We be laid up.”

She also addressed why she likes to keep her relationship out of the spotlight.

“I don’t like to speak on it. I just don’t make it, like, a public thing…I feel like I have to expose so much so my life unwillingly already.”

What do you think about Latto’s revelation, and do you have any thoughts on the potential identity of her mystery man?


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