Heather Gay’s Sister Claims She Used Her for Show

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’s Sister Accuses Her of Using Her for RHOSLC Storyline, Claims She Hasn't Spoken to Her Since Filming, and Says Whitney Finally Saw "The Real Heather"

Heather Gay’s sister claimed the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star used her for a storyline, and she alleged that Whitney Rose has finally seen “the Real Heather.”

At one point, Whitney and Heather were best friends and perhaps had the strongest alliance on the show. The friendship crumbled this season, however, as Whitney demanded Heather admit to a private conversation about Lisa Barlow off-camera. After the falling out, Whitney wanted to renew their friendship, but Heather seemed uninterested.

Heather’s sister Nancy Meaux was briefly introduced in a past season. They met up after two decades of little to no contact following Nancy’s departure from the Mormon Church. At the time of her exit, Heather was angry at her sister for leaving the faith, and she claimed the situation triggered a fracture in the family.

In an Instagram comment shared by @NoFilterWithZack, via @ThePinkPopBox, Nancy revealed her true thoughts about her sister.

“[Whitney] Stop waiting for Heather. Until she has a use for you, she has no use for you,” wrote Nancy.

She went on to say, “Believe me, I know. I waited 20+ years for her, only to be used for a storyline in Vail. She hasn’t spoken to me since the day we filmed.”

Regarding their scene together, Nancy explained to Whitney, “I consider it to be the last conversation we will ever have. It was nice to meet you in Vail. Sorry that you finally saw the Real Heather.”

Many fans are shocked by Nancy’s claims and find it hard to believe that Heather ghosted her sister after using her for a storyline. Other viewers, however, think the season exposed Heather’s true colors, and Lisa was right all along.