‘I Fell Asleep Under The Ring’

Hornswoggle and The Undertaker were two of the most popular Superstars during WWE Attitude era. They worked together on the screen as well. During one of the shows, Hornswoggle could not stop himself from falling asleep, and it resulted in him apologizing to the Undertaker.

While guesting on INSIGHT with Chris Van Valiet, Hornswoggle recalled that experience. He narrated the full story and said that because of overseas travel, he could not sleep properly. He was tired before a show, where he was supposed to be involved in a six-man tag team match. Finlay, Big Daddy V, and The Great Khali teamed up to take on The Undertaker, Kane, and Batista in that match.

The match got underway, and the plan was to have Hornswoggle show up in the middle. However, he fell asleep under the ring. Finlay tried to wake him up but could not. He thought that something that happened above the ring could have knocked him out.

Finlay tried again. Hornswoggle finally woke up and remembered that he had a spot planned with The Undertaker, who was waiting above.

“I fell asleep (under the ring). I talked about it in my book, Life Is Short and So Am I. I fell asleep overseas. And there was a six-man tag match,” said Hornswoggle. 

We get to the back and Undertaker asks where were you: Hornswoggle reveals The Deadman’s reaction

Hornswoggle then had his spot with The Deadman. After the match ended, The Undertaker asked him why he took so much time to show up. Narrating the Deadman’s reaction, Hornswoggle said:

“We get to the back and Undertaker asks where were you? I said I was sleeping. He goes, where were you? I said I was sleeping. He goes, holy sh*t, and he just walks off. I go oh I’m dead. I’m done, I’m done.”

Hornswoggle felt his WWE run would have ended after that mistake. However, later that night, he gave a bottle of brown liquid to the Deadman as an apology gift. They also played cards. Finally, the Undertaker told him he could not believe someone could fall asleep under the ring with so much noise around.

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