Shop 19 Puzzles, Board Games & More To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

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February might be the shortest month on paper, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. The days are often gray, overcast, and without much to look forward to. Plus, even though we can say for sure that each one gets a minute more daylight scientifically speaking, it often seems like the opposite.

That’s before I even get to the weather. It’s cold! It’s wet! It’s windy! This all means that we’re spending more time than usual indoors, and it’s so easy for that to drive us nuts. Without fresh air, exercise, or literally anything else that goes on outside of the house, we quickly run out of activities.

The video games finish. Those must-stream TV lists get shorter and shorter. So, folks, I’m here to remind us all that….there’s another way! Good old-fashioned analog games.

Card games. Board games. Puzzles. Things you can play as a family. Games you can use to occupy yourself! I can’t say for sure that these are cures for cabin fever, of course, but they are treatments. Scroll on for a few of my favorite picks.

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