20+ Different Hairstyle for Indian Boys 2023

As seasons change, Indian boys hairstyles tend to vary as well.. A small change in how you style your hair cutting will completely change your total appearance for you.

Try some of our top Images listed for you this season for best hairstyles for Indian boys:

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V Shape Haircut for Indian Boy

It’s a super cool and trendy style that’s becoming increasingly popular among young guys. This haircut features longer hair at the top that gradually tapers down to a V shape haircut for Indian boys at the back of the head.

Dhoni Hairstyle V Shape

The Dhoni V Shape hairstyle has definitely gained popularity among boys in India. Inspired by the iconic hairstyle of Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this handsome boy haircut features longer hair at the top that tapers down towards the back of the head in a V shape. 

Indian Navy Hair cut for Boys

The Indian Navy haircut for boys is a classic and timeless style, featuring a short and tidy cut that’s perfect for those who want a clean and polished look.

Ash Grey/White Hairstyle for Indian Boys

ash grey or white hair for indin boys

Ash grey or white hair is a bold and unique hair color choice for Indian boys. While not as common as other hair colors, this look can be a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.



To look at least minimally presentable is highly important in the case of hair style men. Best hairstyle for Indian boys who have thick volume hair on the front and top. The sides and back are trimmed, and the top is given a blend-in cut and combed forward to create the fringe.

Side Swept


This hairstyle for Indian boys is perfect for those with a sharp jawline. The hair is trimmed short and pushed onto one side haircut to create a disconnected look. The beard is trimmed with a straight line to highlight the jawline.

Short Quiff


This simple hair cutting short quiff style is perfect for you if you’re looking for a trimmed summer look. Hair is perfectly chopped and blended in while the back and sides are given a fade which continues through the beard.

Side Part


Side part is a decent hairstyle for an Indian boy. The volume of hair is brushed back, and the sides are trimmed so the hair in the center can have attention. Best for traditional occasions and weddings.

Brush Up


No matter their age, a brushed-up style can offer a low-key stylish look. Coarse highlights are the key to this textured look.



Curly tops will give you the cutest look. If you have a curly head, try this style. The best curly hairstyle for a young man and a nice clean, trimmed beard will be very much appreciated.

Man Bun


With countless styling options for men with long hair, a man bun is always the ace card of their game. It has the hotness and everything required to grab the attention of ladies.

Buzz Cut


Yet another popular 2 side hairstyle boy in India. A buzz cut is for those who cannot get themselves to maintain their hair.

Straight Shag


Straight shag cut comes with many layers to play around with. The look gets defined with those choppy layers and goes best with a clean, shaved beard and mustache.

Medium Shag

This desi boy hairstyle for those guys who do love having long hair but are unsure how to style it? Try this medium shag styled by Ranveer Singh.

Slicked Back


With its countless variations, this slicked-back Bollywood style is best for occasions like being the best man for your homie.

Wavy Mop


Wavy mop chocolate boy haircuts are fuss-free. You literally do not have to pay much attention to it or maybe just some minimal effort to look fascinating.

Neat and Short


Types of haircut in India can vary from place to place, but this neat and short haircut will be the most commonly found one. As India has high temperatures in summer, it is hard to maintain hair.

Messy Quiff


You need any hair gel that offers a strong fix to create this style. Apply a handful of gel to the quiff and pull it upwards to create a messy look and texture.

Messy Fringes


Messy fringes are an Indian hairstyle for boys with a simple look. Hair is tapper chopped to give the pointy edge look.



We have seen many guys with hair look of backing off from trying a ponytail. They are the best haircut for Indian boys with fine hair like Sharukh. They are manly and look so cool.

Classic Crew Cut

Yet another classic haircut, crew cut with a heavy skin fade. The top is given a feathery chop and swept back to create this look.

Silver Sooth Layers


This combo of natural gray hair that looks like silver highlights is extremely soothing. Best for men in their 40’s looking to embrace their hair.

Combed, gelled Look


If you have a well-defined hairline like Saif, give this normal hairstyle a try. A gel is added to create a wet look and combed back with a finely textured comb.

Short High Volume Hair


Small boy or baby boy hairstyles for Indian with voluminous hair, go for a round-shaped cut that will compliment your hair’s texture perfectly.

Textured Spiky Hairstyle


Get an irregular chop to get a texture spike look. It’s a clean and neat look that suits any dressing style picture boy. Add gel to the spikes to hold them in place.

Side Slick Hairstyle with Full Beard


Some slicked-back looks work well if properly styled with a thick beard. The hair is side-slicked, and the beard is trimmed into a v-shape at the center.

Undercut High Quiff Hairstyle


This style from Virat is the coolest hairstyle for young men. This new model hair cut top is turned into an end-curled high quiff, and the sides are given an undercut to add coolness.

Side Comb Back Medium Hair


If you have a v-shaped hairline, as shown, then go for this Indian boys hair cutting style. This goes well with a short beard or a clean shave too.


A new look Indian hairstyle that matches your hairline and face structure will give you a new appearance. We hope our simple hairstyle for Indian boys aided you in getting a brand new hairstyle.

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